WP-Blocks: Plugin of the Day #0047

Just a quick post to say that WP-Blocks got a mention on “WordPress of The Day” recently. It deemed WP-Blocks to be “plugin of the day”. Thanks Jamie :)

Downloads via the Plugin Directory are as of today around 150 which is great news, I hope people are finding it useful. I have had a bunch of feedback on this site and via e-mail and am working on a few tweaks.

Direct Link: Plugin of the Day #0047


Thought you’d like to know that I needed to edit a couple of files before the plugin would work. Namely, controllers/index.php and inc/wpblocks.class.php – they don’t have the correct opening PHP tag, resulting in the plugin just echoing “do_action();”. Oops.

Also, changing line 205 to “return do_shortcode($block);” allows shortcodes inside blocks to get expanded.

Otherwise, this is shaping up to be a really useful tool. Thanks.

Hey John, Thanks for highlighting this. I had had other feedback to the same end but despite looking hadn’t found those short codes. Stupid error but thankfully thanks to you and others now fixed and resubmitted back to the repo. I also added in the do_shortcode function as suggested. Great idea :) Hope you get some use out of the plugin now it’s working.