WP-Blocks now in Plugin Directory

Just a quick post to say that my most recent WordPress plugin is now available in the plugin directory. Since the beta releases I have added a couple of new necessary features.

If you try it and find any “bugs” let me know and I’ll get on it.

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Hi Keir,

Like your plugin. Not too bloated or too complex – simple and having a clear purpose. I did however find a small bug. If you enter HTML with an attribute in the “HTML Prepend”-box (like <div class=”foo”>) some weird behavior occurs in the input-field directly below. It seems to be because of the quotes around the attribute just mentioned.

Hey Christian,

Thanks for checking it out. The problem you encounter is as a result of me! I was having issues with entities not rendering properly in the text areas so I put in a dummy input to try and debug. I just forgot to take it out.

I have updated the plugin now and checked it back in to the repo.

Hi There

When I activate the plug in all I get is the line “do_action(); ?>” in the admin panel

That correct?

Congrats by the way on the idea, superb.

Hi Alwyn,

Thanks for the comment, simple answer is NO :(

Is your server PHP5 enabled, as this plugin does require it. It could be that as that is a call to a class function. I can only think that is the reason, feel free to send me a screenshot (my email link is top right) I will happily look at it for you.


Hi again,

Think I found another bug. It seems your plugin adds the CSS and JS you use to style the backend to both the backend and the frontend as well. So the frontend of my site – which isn’t using jQuery – is getting an JS-error.

Ah gotcha – I’ll look right into that, not good. Sorry for the error :(

Hi Keir

I’ve discovered a problem with either your plugin or Viper’s Video Quicktags. The latter plugin adds a bunch of icons on the TinyMCE toolbar for inserting videos into a post. If WP-blocks is active, Viper’s icons don’t appear. I guess there’s some conflict somewhere. Should I also raise this with the author of VVQ?

Cheers, Matt.

Hey Matt, thanks for the heads up. Whilst it’s the easiest thing to say I have a feeling it might be the other plugin. I haven’t hooked into the editor in any special way. I simply call it in the template using the the_editor() function from WP itself. More on that here:


Do let me know if it turns out to be my plugin. I have been running one of the plugins that allows you to input code snippets locally and that works in “blocks” without issue.

Always happy to help and improve things, do let me know.

I haven’t had a chance to look at this in detail yet, but I’m also getting the same problem with another plugin “Link to Post”, which also adds new icons into TinYMCE. They don’t show up on the Posts or Pages WYSIWYG if WP-blocks is enabled.

It seems like WP-Blocks is somehow obliterating other changes to Tiny MCEs toolbars. I conclude that WP-Blocks is the culprit, because if I disable it, *both* the other plugins work correctly and I get all the new icons in Tiny MCE.

My conclusion may well be wrong though ;-)

Hey Matt, on further inspection I believe you are right – humble apologies.

I appreciate that this is very annoying. I only actually call the in built function that is documented to turn a text area into a toolbar enabled text area. I’ll look into it further but it took me a long time to find that function :( It’s not that well documented. There’s likely a flag somewhere on the admin_init. I am sure I’ll find it.

Thanks for your patience.

No problem at all, I’m just glad to help raise awareness of plugin conflicts. It’s such a mine field out there. I’d offer to help with code changes, except I’m more of a designer than a coder and try to avoid code where possible… :-)