WP-Blocks Beta Download

Update: Thanks to Mr. Boag a couple of showstopping bugs have been fixed. Show/Hide now works and URL’s are displayed properly in the content block itself. The .zip below has the changes included.

Following on from my post last week announcing WP-Blocks I have spent some time tidying up the code and am pleased to provide a beta release for download and feedback.

About WP-Blocks

The To-Do List

If you have any feedback or encounter any bugs please get in touch, my contact e-mail address is in the notes.txt file in the plugin directory.

Download WP-Blocks Beta 0.3 »


Thank you! Couldn’t have come at a better time. :)


Great plugin :)

Should get it on WordPress Plugin directory though!

Hey Chad, I absolutely will. I just wanted to iron out any bugs and thanks to a bunch of people, like you, I think it’s almost there.

Smooth stuff! Echoing “perfect timing!” Implementing across my too many WP sites now :)

Eeek, just commented on the other post, not realising this was already available for DL. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers!