Why WordPress is the framework of the future!

It’s not often slide decks make that much sense in isolation but this particular WordPress related presentation resonated. There’s a bunch of great ideas in here, especially around customising your WordPress install.

The presentation was made by Jack Lenox, founder of Jottify, at this year’s Future of Web Design London.

(Found on SpeakerDeck)


Hi Keir, really flattered that you’ve posted this, I’m a big fan. I’m also delighted as I was worried that they would make very little sense without the talk.

I don’t suppose there’s any news on Think Vitamin Radio returning to the airwaves?



Hey Jack, thanks for your comment! No problem – I am always happy to post interesting stuff and this looked like a great talk, I certainly picked up plenty of ideas for my own WordPress work. I wanted to make FOWD this year, it’s the first one I have missed in the UK, but just couldn’t make it.

Think Vitamin Radio is sadly no more. Everyone got busy and not working in the same company any more made logistics a little tricky. Arguably we could have carried on using something like Skype but I don’t think it would have been as good.

The good news, I hope, is that Elliot and I are planning on producing some audio productions later in the year. A little different but hopefully interesting.