Volunteer at ConfShop


As you might know we are hosting Insites: ConfShop this coming Friday in London. My good friend and co-host of The Back to Front Show Kieran Masterton was roped in a while ago in the role of Chief Scribe.

Chief what? The idea is that he would move around the groups with the aim of making notes on the big themes and then summarise them at the end of the day.

Sadly it appears he may not be able to attend now, I blame his dog! So this leaves us with a vacant role for the day. So after a rethink we have a proposition. If you would like to attend ConfShop for free and are a good note taker and are willing to feedback to the group at the end of the day we’d love to invite you along.

Having thought about it one scribe is probably not enough so we are offering four of you the opportunity.

Interested? Drop me an email and we’ll take it from there. Thanks.