Shopify Design Guy


Sometimes opportunities come along that are too hard to turn down. I have known the talented crew at Shopify for some time now and we’ve been chatting about various ideas over the last few months.

When they asked if I would be interested in helping them out I jumped at the chance. It’s not a traditional “gig” and it’s far from full time, rather it’s an undercurrent of the work Elliot and I are doing through Viewport Industries. We both love working with interesting companies and to be involved with one that offers such a great service, and one that we actually use, is even better.

What’s Does it Involve?

The idea is pretty simple, to help bring Shopify to the attention of more web designers. We’ll be supporting web design events, putting on some free informal workshops as well as increasing the number of resources available to you to help you get started with Shopify. I’ll also be going behind the scenes and chatting to the people behind the stores as well as exploring the design thinking behind online shopping.

I am really looking forward to chatting with designers who use Shopify as well as those who don’t – yet! I want to hear what you love about designing for Shopify, learn more about any problems you, and your clients, might be encountering and of course hear about what you want from the platform in the future.

Get in Touch

There’s no set hours to the project so if you are a Shopify user or just have a question you can grab me on my Shopify email account or just use the contact form on this site.

If you like you can read more on the Shopify blog.


We all like a t-shirt don’t we? If you are heading to Port80 tomorrow and fancy grabbing one come and fine me, I’ll be bringing a few along in all shapes and sizes.