Recent WordPress Projects

Lately I have been involved in two WordPress builds that I am really pleased with. The first is is the personal web site of my colleague Mike Kus.

Mike Kus

The workflow was pretty simple. Mike sent over a ZIP file containing HTML versions of all the pages and over the course of a couple of evenings I turned that into a functioning WordPress theme. Thanks to easy to understand HTML and CSS it wasn’t a relatively easy ride.

The second project was the build for the new Think Vitamin, the site I edit and write for. This build was a lot more complicated as it incorporated a number of post “types” (NB: I didn’t use custom post types as they didn’t really fit the model and legacy content) and some interesting filtering options which can be found in the archive section.

This site was also designed by Mike (in his work capacity this time) and features a lot of focus on the notion of “responsive design”. Check out the site on devices like the iPad and iPhone (and other mobile platforms) to see how it adapts depending on the screen resolution.

It’s been great getting back into WordPress, despite some of it’s flaws and inconsistencies I would still recommend it to anyone.

Also worth a quick mention is the deployment tool I used called “Deploy“, if you still use FTP then definitely check it out, deploying your web sites has never been this easy.

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