Print is Dead, Long Live Print

At the beginning of the year Elliot and I sat down and worked out a 2013 plan for Viewport Industries — the company we formed almost two years ago to run our events through and to forward some of our product ideas.

Last year was all about Insites: The Book but with other work (Shopify and TypeKit) keeping us happily busy we knew time would be tight so we did the unthinkable – we scaled back and committed to less projects. So far we are on track to complete them all, which is a great and unusual feeling.

Say Hello to Digest

One of these projects will see the light of day on Wednesday 14th August at 16:00 BST. It’s called Digest and is a 40 page large format magazine. Some of you may even remember a page on the Viewport Industries web site for Digest, a weekly newsletter focusing on interesting things orbiting around the web and design world.


We admitted defeat on making that happen (for a bunch of reasons which we explain in the magazine) but the idea stuck, a publication of some sort focused not on the technical side of our industry but rather the “culture that surrounds the world of the creative professional”. Digest is not about the web, or design, or technology, but its content exists very much in our spectrum.

It’s a departure (both as a company and in terms of the content) and a bit of a risk, but we think you’re going to love it. Issue One features long form articles on food, drink, travel, design, film, and more. Read it on the beach, throw it in the bag for the commute — it’s a timely reminder that the world away from our computers is ripe for exploration.

With contributions from over 20 writers, photographers and illustrators it’s been a big job bringing it altogether on time but we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Elliot wrote more on the back story over on his blog and has been Dribbbling a few example spreads over last week. The majesty of print is far from dead, we hope you agree.

Digest will be £8 + shipping. If you don’t like your large format magazines folded, you’ll be pleased to know we have a special shipping option just for you. Did we mention it’s big? A3 in fact.

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