New Luxe Business Cards


Sadly I haven’t got my hands on my set yet but the new Viewport Industries Luxe Moo cards have arrived and look gorgeous. Elliot did an unboxing set of photos over on Flickr.


Those look beautiful. So slick and elegant. I was actually having a conversation with a fellow coworker this morning about the Luxe cards and was saying that I hoped someone would show some pictures of how they look when they are printed. So thank you for securing my decision to move forward with getting my own cards printed in the Luxe style.

I got the sample card through the other day (you can request from their stie) but have yet to get my hands on the ones we ordered! They do look amazing though, pretty good value too. Let me know when you have yours.

Hi Keir. I ordered some for Hull Digital and they are superb. One thing I did notice is that the colours are not as strong / virbrant as they could be (should be?) so will be upping the saturation next time. Apart from that, terrific value and very nicely presented.