New for 2013: The Back to Front Show

Back to Front Show

It seems that 2013 is already turning into the year of the podcast. Andy and Anna launched “Unfinished Biz” earlier this week and today I read that Rachel is launching “Beyond Ink” in the near future.

In the spirit of “the world needs yet another podcast” I am happy to introduce my own return into the fray of regular broadcasting. The Back to Front Show, hosted by me and good friend and regular code collaborator Kieran Masterton, will be coming to an earphone near you very soon.

The what

Here’s the idea. Two Blue Yetis, a so so broadband connection, two coffee obsessed West Country based web dudes, Audio Hijack Pro and topics focusing on working in the industry, backend tech, front-end development with plenty in-between.

Let’s say we have a loose structure that we’ll try to stick to but forgive us our digressions – especially the “in-between”. In other words it’s a not so serious weekly round up of the world we love and work in.

The why

Back in early 2010 I started to host Think Vitamin Radio. Mike, Ryan and I managed 34 almost bi-weekly episodes. It all fizzled without explanation after 18 months, mainly as Mike and I had moved on to work for ourselves and were focussing elsewhere. It was a good run and faired pretty well – we even almost won an award! I have wanted to get back into podcasting ever since but the opportunity never really presented itself.

Elliot and I briefly discussed launching a Viewport Industries podcast but other work got in the way and the idea got parked on the ideas list. However the desire to get back to the mic burned strong. At last years “Insites: Xmas Special” I talked about how I wanted 2013 to personally symbolise less talk (ironic considering I am  launching a new weekly podcast) and more “shipping”. So here we are – let’s see how we get on.

The where

You can find more about the show on our new web site. There’s not much there for now but the site is ready to go once we have recorded our first show. You’ll be able to listen on the site, download the mp3 and all being well grab the iTunes feed before too long.

The when

We’ll be recording weekly, at least that’s the plan. Each episode will go live every Saturday morning! You could say it’s “something for the weekend”. Oh and Tom May if you are reading this I hope your cleaning routine gets back to the good old days.

We hope you enjoy it and it foes without saying that you can follow our Twitter account – @backtofrontshow.