Moo Cows

Whenever I click on the Remember The Milk icon in my browser I can’t help but think of the logo of that “classic” UK 90’s band The Inspiral Carpets, surely I can’t be the only one.

In another bizarre twist of “Madchester” fate the Inspirals also had a campaign where they used a milk bottle to promote one of their singles.


Thanks to the wonder of Twitter Mr. Inspirals himself Clint Boon found this post! I literally did a double take when that came through.


Got the milk bottle at home!

I always wanted one but sadly they just weren’t available where I grew up!

Haha, the Inspiral Carpets were my favourite band back in 89/90 at the tender age of 13, my Mum wouldn’t let me get the t-shirt because it had “cool as fuck” written on it. Happy days :)