Introducing BreadApp

For the last few months I, along with Kieran and Jon, have been hard at work on a new project called BreadApp. You might have heard about it or even signed up to be notified when we launch.

Like most side projects we were hacking away in our spare time and had planned to launch in early June but the offer of a quick slot at this years Future of Web Design London made us hurry up the process and get phase ready for use.

What is BreadApp?

It’s our, perhaps lofty, hope that BreadApp changes the way web professionals find work, find collaborators and promote their availability online.

Phase one is all about helping you find your next job. It focuses on aggregating the leading web job boards into one simple to use stream and allows you to get notified of new opportunities in a number of ways:

In addition to aggregating thousands of relevant jobs into one place we add our own meta data such as key skills and locations. Want to find a job in San Francisco then simply subscribe to the RSS feed. Want a PHP job? Why not subscribe to our weekday updates or the RSS feed for PHP jobs.

During the last six weeks of development we aggregated over 4,000 jobs covering many different skills and locations.

Trades, Availability and Profiles

What you see now is just the beginning. We wanted to get something useful and usable out of the door before starting on the next major phase of development. It’s our aim to have phase two ready for testing and launch over the summer 2011. Here’s what’s in store:

  1. Trades – A centralised “skills swap” trading service for web professionals. It will be a great way to find new collaborators and potential work partners.
  2. Availability – Targeted at freelancers and small agencies “availability” will be a simple but effective way to advertise when you are available for your next project.
  3. Profiles – All “trades” and “availability” listings will also be featured on a users permanent profile page. This will include a small biography and relevant links to other sites.

We are really excited to see where BreadApp will go. If you have any feedback do let me know.