Instagram Happy

The whole, at least web, world has gone Instagram happy. Mike can’t get enough of it and has proclaimed it the best thing ever, I admit I was a little sceptical to jump on the bandwagon.

However I have to confess I am converted. The ease of use and the end results of this simple iPhone photo sharing application are quite addictive. The fact that I can push the pictures to Flickr and Twitter on a per photo basis means I can share photos with different groups of people, it’s a nice touch.

A New Way of Looking

I also believe it has changed the way I look at my local surroundings. I don’t claim to be anything other than a very happy iPhone snapper but knowing you can add one of the preset filters definitely opens up your eye to new possibilities.

Wandering around my adopted home town of Bath I keep spotting settings that I would have perhaps otherwise ignored, it certainly helps that it’s a very picturesque and seasonal city.

Above all it’s really nice having access to a stream of interesting photos directly on the device you have with you at all times. Finding out what other “friends” are up to is great, it’s a visaul Twitter if you will.

Wish List

Currently there’s no other way than via the iPhone app to see your pictures (unless you pump them to Flickr). I would hope that one day they will make a page available where you can see a users photos or at least make this possible for others to create via an API. It’s perhaps something I would even pay for.

Friend Me

You can find me in Instagram under the predictable username of keirwhitaker. I look forward to seeing your photos.

PS: OK Mike, I am convinced now!!!