Insites Tour MailChimp Coasters

In a few days time Elliot and I head out on the road for the first Insites Tour. It’s going to be a fun four nights chatting about industry experiences, the good the bad and the ugly, with 13 of the finest web professionals living and working in the UK.

In particular I am looking forward to visiting Manchester, a city I haven’t been to since 1994! You can of course find out more about the tour on the Insites site and can register (only £29 including drinks and snacks) via Amiando.

MailChimp Coasters

Elliot and I have both been privileged to have worked with MailChimp on previous projects and were delighted when they agreed to get involved in Insites. They wanted to do something a little different and offered to produce a series of coasters for each leg of the tour.

We were excited when we saw the initial sketches, more excited when we saw a photo of the real thing and mildly ecstatic when UPS delivered them. They look and feel amazing. Don’t forget to grab yours if you are coming along.


Above all else Insites is your opportunity to ask the questions that rarely get asked. If you want to ask one of our guests a question about how they got started, their biggest wins or biggest mistake or just want to find out what their typical day is now’s your chance. You can tweet your question via our site or just leave a comment below.

If you are coming to Brighton, London, Manchester or Bristol please do come and say hello.


Get in! Yellow is my most favouritest colour and I’m going to Brighton… :)