Hide & Seek Wallet

I am on the eternal quest for the small yet functional wallet, not big enough to hold your worldly goods but just the right size for cash, bank and loyalty cards. This one caught my eye but at $89.95 might be resigned to the “wish list”.

The full range by Bellroy is worth five minutes of any wallet lovers time.


I understand compleley mate. My wallet has to be as small as possible hold the usual as well as be a tri fold wallet that can house a tiny notepad and my extendable Zebra pen.

Not an easy thing to find :(

Carry the Freitag Brandon fella around since years. Holds up to 8 cards, a few coins and notes. Comfy with euro notes but I guess it might be a bit tooo tiny to carry the big sterlings, what I experienced on my last UK travels :)


@wolf – That looks like a great little wallet. You are right though, the size of sterling notes are rather annoying as they are all different sizes. Many a time I have found a nice wallet in the US or Europe only to get it home to find that a £20 note is just too big.

FYI my current wallet is the Jimi – http://thejimi.com/store/wallet.php. I am on my second one now and it has served me well. Recommended it to a bunch of people too, they all seem pleased. Still I am always on the look out for new ones.

“The wallet for people who hate wallets” – love it :) The Freitag stuff is really durable and they have quite a few wallet sizes and also really cool store concepts. I’d recommend to check one of the flagship stores out if you happen to be near Zurich, Hamburg or Berlin.