HGK SMTP for WordPress

This site runs on WordPress, one feature I hadn’t managed to get working since setting it up was the e-mail notifications for new comments. Let me clarify, this site runs on a shiny new (ve) server from Media Temple.

These servers are intended for those who know there way round a Linux distro (in short people cleverer than me). Thankfully I have some clever friends who hold my hand regularly.

External SMTP to the Rescue

I figured the e-mail notifications weren’t working as intended as I have a setting missing on my server, likely a one liner if you know what you are doing. However a quick google revealed that there are a number of plugins that “hijack” WordPress mail functions and allow you to use an external SMTP server, like GMail. In short there might be no need to mess with my server.

After installing HGK SMTP from the plugin directory I now have e-mail notifications coming through to my inbox. Here’s the config screen, complete this, send a test e-mail and all being well you should be set.

Definitely recommended and worth a try if you are having trouble with e-mail on your WordPress install.