Frost on Interviews


I have always seen interviewing as an art. Having recently conducted 15 as part of  our “Insites: The Book” project I am always keen to learn from the masters.

You only really notice a great interviewer when you witness a bad one at work. Each interviewer have their own style, some are aggressive and some seem able to let their “prey” tell them their deepest secrets without realising it.

I have always enjoyed watching Sir David Frost at work as his easy going style resonates with me. The recent “Talk Collection” on the BBC includes a one hour retrospective hosted by Sir David looking back at the great television interviews, the interviewers and their guests. It’s packed full of great moments including Frost and Nixon, Parkinson Vs Meg Ryan as well as a look back at his Ali interviews. Gripping stuff.

It’s still available on iPlayer and well worth an hour of your time. In fact the whole collection looks fascinating.

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Mark Lawson is also a really good interviewer. Saw him on BBC Four last night interviewing Graham Norton was interesting hearing both talk about interview techniques. Am sure episode is on iPlayer still.