From Insites Tour to Insites Book

A few weeks ago Elliot and I blogged about the new company we formed called Viewport Industries. We both mentioned that one of our first releases would be a sequel to “Insites: The Tour” but with a twist. Today we are really excited to tell you more about our #bigsecretproject. Many people thought we would be taking the format to a full day conference – maybe one day but not quite yet!

Insites: The Book

We are delighted to announce that (all being well) “Insites: The Book” will be available from mid April 2012. Featuring 20 interviews with 21 of the web and tech industries leading figures it follows the same format as “Insites: The Tour”, no code, no deisgn just fasincating stories, big wins, lessons learned and much more.

Over the past few months we have conducted over half the interviews, the majority in person. It’s been fascinating listening to and learning from the people who have contributed so much to our industry. We think you’ll find it just as interesting as us.

“Insites: The Book” will be published by Viewport Industries and will build upon all the knowledge Elliot has acquired producing 8 Faces. It will be high on production values, as Elliot says “think 8 Faces on acid!” (Editors note: wasn’t that the cover of Issue #3).

Be the First to Hear

We are working to a tight deadline and are aiming for a mid April launch date. We have posted a page with further details including a selection of the people we have been privileged to chat with so far over at, you can also sign up for updates or follow our fresh new Twitter account @insitesbook.

We’ll both be documenting the process over the coming weeks. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.