Announcing Viewport Industries

It’s been pretty quiet round here since my last post in July. “Too busy to blog!”, how many times have we all said that. For the most part it’s true. Working for yourself, as I am sure most of my freelance friends will testify, is both extremely satisfying but also all-encompassing. Throw in a couple of young children and there’s not that much time left in the day to blog, however it’s something I intend to do more of once I get that redesign out of the door!

Freelancing so Far

The last 10 months have been amazing work wise. I have been very privileged to work with amazing clients across the world on a variety of projects taking in front end development, WordPress, editorial work at Smashing Magazine as well finding time to work on pet projects like BreadApp.

Insites Tour

One of my personal highlights for 2011 was undoubtedly the Insites Tour which I co-organised with long time friend Elliot Jay Stocks. We packed our bags and crossed the country for four evening events and chatted to 13 web industry leaders about their beginnings, big wins, lessons learned and much more. Not only was it insightful, apologies but it’s hard to avoid the word, but so much fun. To top it all off the feedback we got from those who attended was fantastic.

Elliot and I have been friends for a long time. I actually met him when I came down to Bath for my first interview at Carsonified in late 2007. Although he moved on in early 2008 we kept in touch and have shared many good times and the occasional Belgian ale over the years. We’ve often chatted about collaborating and it was great to finally do so on Insites Tour. We’ve also shared many ideas, some of which we have decided to turn into reality.

Let’s Make Cool Shit

VI Logo

In September we decided to create an official home for Insites and our future collaborations and have formed a company together which we have christened Viewport Industries (@viewportind on Twitter). As Elliot explains on his blog we want to make “cool shit”. First up will be our sequel to Insites Tour and it’s probably not what people are expecting. I hate teasers as much as the next person but we just aren’t quite ready to announce it yet. In the meantime check out our new logo and ever so brief holding page!

All Change?

Well yes and no. Whilst Viewport will be a major focus for us both in 2012 we are both very fortunate to have other things to keep us occupied and put food on the table. Elliot and his 8faces project will of course carry on doing great things and he’ll be taking on client projects later in the year. Fans of 8faces will be pleased to hear that I won’t be stepping anywhere near it.

As for me in 2012 I look forward to carrying on my relationship with the amazing team at Smashing Magazine as well as helping great clients with their web development projects and embracing new opportunites. After all those children do need the occasional pair of new shoes!


Congratulations! Hope you’re ready to announce the Insites sequel soon, sounds intriguing!

Nice one guys, you’ll be an awesome team. All the best.

“Lets make some cool shit” should be the company tag line, good luck, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I have heard online learning can be lucrative :)

Woo! Nice one you guys. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your company :)

Congrats Gents, if Insites was anything to go by, your future projects should be pretty sweet!

Looking forward to future announcements (and Insites!)

Good luck!

Thanks Kris – won’t be long!

Thanks Richard. You might actually know what we are up to! Hoping we can collaborate further at cx too in 2012!

I’ll put it to the board. I think you are right about online learning, I have had this idea for a site called “Playhouse” for some time now ;)

Thanks Laura, we’ll keep you posted. Also hope that we can get to work together again someday soon.

Thank you Sir! We’ll keep you posted, I have a feeling you will like what we are up to! Truly hope so :)

Congrats guys! Really exciting :)