A Fresh Lick of Paint

Having announced my departure from the “day job” I thought it was about time to update my own personal site to reflect my new found employment status.

Of course I have known I was leaving for a while so have been grabbing a few hours here, a few minutes there to bring this site up to date. There’s still some content to add in, in particular on the new Project Portfolio pages, but it’s slowly getting there.

For anyone who is interested here are a few technical details about the newly revised theme:

There’s still a few more tweaks to do and some “bugs” to fix but overall it’s nice to have it live on the site.


Nice! Looking good :)

Good call on Disqus, I used it for a while on my blog and it was sooo ugly.

I like it, Keir.

All the very best with your new ventures.

One question though – what’s with the fascination with limes?!

Thanks Laura – Yeah it’s a great service but I prefer the moderation in WordPress.

Love the clean and minimalist theme and agree that going native instead of disqus was a good idea.

We’ve been playing with jQuery Masonry for a project lately and love it. We found it a bit tricky to get right in conjunction with media queries but once you’ve got the animations and styling nailed it really looks great

Keep up the great work

Love it. Sad your leaving TVM. Hope all works out in future.

Thanks Ric! As for the limes it stems from when I used to live in Limehouse in London. I also used to have a site at fiveandlime.com. It kind of just stuck.

Thanks for the feedback Marc. It sounds like you have pushed the boundaries of Masonry much further than me. I haven’t started on any media queries for this site yet but certainly plan to. I know there’s plenty more in terms of animation to. If you have a reference site do let me know.