718 Cyclery Brooklyn

Over the last year or two I have found myself becoming more fascinated by the culture of cycling. That’s not to say that I have taken up cycling but you never know! You only have to look at a brand like Rapha to see a company that clearly understands their market and makes you want to don those pink lycra shorts and head out onto the open road.

The above video is by 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn. I love their approach to their work, the inclusion of the client in the whole process of building their bike as well as their community groups and teaching. Simply put a lovely concept beautifully executed.

On a side note it does seem that all creative roads are increasingly leading to Brooklyn. More on that in another post.

(via HicksDesign)


Loved this. Really loved it. What a wonderful shop, and added to my list of places to visit in NY (along with Prime Burger!).

Thank you for your kind comments

My pleasure – looking forward to visiting it one day in person.